We award Fall and Spring scholarships for children/teens to attend Sonoma County dance studios. Priority is given to previous attendees of SCDU classes and those currently not enrolled at a dance studio, but everyone is encouraged to apply. 

Each Dance Scholarship includes:

• Tuition for one dance class per week for 5 months at the recipient’s selected Sonoma County dance studio

• Costume/performance fee

• Two tickets to attend selected dance studio performance

These scholarships are funded through SCDU fundraising efforts, donations, and grants. 

Upcoming scholarship announcements and applications will be posted to our Facebook Page and website.



We collaborate with local dance studios and organizations to provide free professional dance instruction for children and teens in an established performing arts setting. 

Upcoming workshops will be posted on our Facebook Page and website.



We collaborate with local dance studios and organizations to promote dance education in our local schools. Through this program, our mission is to help students see dance as a fun, engaging activity beneficial to youth physical and mental development.

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